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H&L® Uniforge®

H&L Tooth Company began producing forged digging teeth in the early 1930’s under original
patents being issued to partners Chester C. Hosmer and Ernie L. Launder.

H&L’s UniforgeÒ process is the reshaping, resizing and the creation of reduction in grain flow to alloy steels under extreme pressures. Our unique horizontal up-setters produces the desired tooth configuration for all styles of Teeth for ground engaging applications!

H&L’s 200,000 square foot facility in Tulsa Oklahoma houses 9 separate forge lines. Forging of tooth tips are shaped on horizontally operated machines known as up-setters. Underthe roof in Tulsa are two 4″ and two 6″ upsetter lines that produce small backhoe teeth weighing just under 3 pounds, up to a 30 pounds tooth.

H&LÒ ripper teeth are produced on a 7½ -upsetter, the creation of teeth weighing up to 100 pounds. H&LÒ mining teeth are produced on two 9″ upsetters that can produce parts in excess of two-hundred pounds in many styles. Each forge line is equipped with up to six additional supporting units, consisting of electric induction heaters, secondary vertical presses used for part trimming, attachment hole punching and coining procedures.

H&LÒ upsetter “closed-die” design controls steel deformation of the alloy steels by reducing its grain flow, resulting in superior metallurgical soundness, and improves the mechanical properties of digging teeth for extreme and severe field digging applications. Our teeth are forged from quality steel mills, and uses a high Silicon HL400 alloys. All steels used in our Ground Engaging Tooth Products must first meet the metallurgical specifications set forth by ASTM Standards that govern the production of alloy steels. In most cases H&L® stock material to be forged has already been reduced in size by the steel supplier to refine the dendrite structure of a steel ingot. This continued refining is achieved by successive rolling by operations, which reduces the cross section of the steel size under pressure. Rolling eliminates small process porosity, creating bar crystalline structure refinement of the base metal, and orienting any steel alloy segregation in the direction of the rolled work. The H&L® forging process continues this alignment of directional flow of the forged Òtooth with horizontal upsetting. This additional grain flow refinement of H&L teeth is accomplished during the successive rolling and four-stages of upsetter working of the hot steel. Grain flow is controlled through H&L’s unique closed die designs and experience of over eighty-(80) years, guarantee’s that quality forge products are produced time after time!

H&L® Uniforge® process will typically develop approximately one-third more material elongation and ductility then its cast counterpart. This gives a higher dependability factors that is associated with forgings, ultimately reducing downtime and lower maintenance costs to the End-User. Because of the greater strength and ductility in any given steel alloy material, soundness, uniformity in chemistry, along with a finer grain size; Uniforge® teeth by horizontal up-setting is better suited for heavy ground engaging applications over its cast counterpart.

Quote from John Deere’s Master Match Catalog… “FORGED TEETH ARE THE PREMIUM, HEAVY DUTY TOOTH FOR THEIR APPLICATIONS”. To download H&L’s Uniforge® process, see Product Literature under Products. Locate Forging (Upsetter) Process. Simple click Download.

H&L Today:

H&L Tooth Company with locations in Montebello, California and Tulsa, Oklahoma provides the highest QUALITY Products for the Ground Engaging Tool Market. These: FORGED one piece Ripper shanks, Scarifiers, backhoe Ripper shanks, loader and excavator Adapters, Trenchers, and Mining shovel Adapters/Bases and replacement Teeth.

Tulsa based H&L FORGE, a division of H&L TOOTH Company, continues to FORGE ahead with a commitment to the future. Our 200,000+ square foot facility began initial production in 1988 and is H&L’s new home of the Tooth Products Division.

H&L TOOTH Company distributes its Products through original equipment manufacturers (OEM), allied equipment manufacturers and our own Dealer network, who sell and service genuine H&L “GET” Products.