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0-00-2A-3C-21-23-24 Series Teeth & Adapters


Fabricated General Purpose Sharp
Weight: 0.5 lbs.
H&L Tooth Company History since 1931:
This small fabricated digging tooth was first designed and introduced in 1948.
H&L’s 00-Series Crimp-on Tooth system was first developed to fit a “Horizontal Boring Machines”. By the late 1950’s the 00SP was being used as an upgrade to the smaller 0SP System. The first application into the field was for the Bennet Trencher Company.
Today, H&L continues to produce the “Original” 00SP tooth and adapter system
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Other part numbers associated with the original 00SP:
ZJZ00, 6649385, 6549385, 00SPS, 162459