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0-00-2A-3C-21-23-24 Series Teeth & Adapters


Fabricated General Purpose Sharp
Weight: 0.3 lbs.
H&L Tooth Company History since 1931:
This small fabricated trenching tooth was designed and first introduced in early 1948. H&L’s 0-Series Crimp-on Tooth products were first developed to fit the small “Jeep-A-Trencher” and “Everett Company” Trenching Machines. In the early1960’s the 0SP even became a scarifier ripping tooth. It was the Sears Roebuck Company’s introduction of a small lawn-tractor with a box blade that used the H&L’s G-669-0 ripper. The 0SP was even featured in the Sears Roebuck catalog of the day.
Today, H&L continues to produce the “Original” 0SP tooth and adapter system.
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Other part numbers associated with the original 0SP:
H34546, 6509290, F0SP, 6509290, 162458