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20-31-32-33 Series Teeth & Adapters


H&L Tooth Company History since 1931:

20 Series horizontal Flexpin connections are used on for digging applications on Backhoe-Loaders, Excavators, Wheel Loaders and Crawler Loading equipment.   The 20 forged series teeth were originally patented by H&L Tooth nearly sixty years ago, and are still manufactured in the United States of America.

H&L part numbers:  3000-W-20, L-4092-AAW-20, L-4092-BAW-20, L-4092-ABW-20, L-4092-ADW-20, L-4092-AFW-20, L-4092-APW-20, L-4092-ASW-20, L-4092-PW-20, L-4092-FW-20, L-4092-ATW-20, L-4092-AEW-20, L-4092-BCW-20, L-4092-TW-20, L-4092-AKW-20, L-4092-AMW-20, L-4092-ACW-20, L-4092-ALW-20, L-4092-AGW-20, L-4092-CW-20, L-4092-HW-20, L-4092-VW-20, L-4092-EW-20, L-4092-BW-20, L-4092-ZW-20, L-4129-ZW-20, L-2924-W-20, L-3174-W-20, L-2029-W-20, L-4129-TW-20, L-5202-W-20, L-4129-AQW-20, L-4129-AGW-20, L-4129-AW-20, L-4129-AKW-20, L-3466-W-20, L-2960-W-20, L-4129-AHW-20, L-4129-VW-20, L-3019-AW-20, L-3409-W-20, L-2374-EW-20, L-4129-EW-20, L-4129-AAW-20, L-4129-RW-20, L-4129-AFW-20, L-2575-AW-20, L-4129-UW-20, L-3299-W-20, L-4129-AMW-20, L-3427-W-20, L-2374-BW-20, L-4129-PW-20, L-4129-AJW-20, L-4129-BW-20, L-2617-W-20, L-3020-AW-20, L-4129-LW-20, L-4129-NW-20, L-4129-GW-20, L-2029-20, L-4129-M-20, L-4129-K-20, L-4129-J-20, L-2374-E-20, L-4129-AB-20, L-4129-AA-20, L-4129-AK-20, L-4129-AD-20, L4092AAW-20, L4092BAW-20, L4092ABW-20, L4092ADW-20, L4092AFW-20, L4092APW-20, L4092ASW-20, L4092PW-20, L4092FW-20, L4092ATW-20, L4092AEW-20, L4092BCW-20, L4092TW-20, L4092AKW-20, L4092AMW-20, L4092ACW-20, L4092ALW-20, L4092AGW-20, L4092CW-20, L4092HW-20, L4092VW-20, L4092EW-20, L4092BW-20, L4092ZW-20, L2924W-20, L3174W-20, L2029W-20, L4129TW-20, L5202W-20, L4129AQW-20, L4129AGW-20, L4129AW-20, L4129AKW-20, L3466W-20, L2960W-20, L4129AHW-20, L4129VW-20, L3019AW-20, L3409W-20, L2374EW-20, L4129EW-20, L4129AAW-20, L4129RW-20, L4129AFW-20, L2575AW-20, L4129UW-20, L3299W-20, L4129AMW-20, L3427W-20, L2374BW-20, L4129PW-20, L4129AJW-20, L4129BW-20, L2617W-20, L3020AW-20, L4129LW-20, L4129NW-20, L4129GW-20, L4129M-20, L4129K-20, L4129J-20, L2374E-20, L4129AB-20, L4129AA-20, L4129AK-20, L4129AD-20

OEM listed part numbers:  21X90339, 21X90340, 21X90341, 24X59452, T57407, 2063018, 2072086, 2082205,  2082206, 2082503, 2082505, 2091242, 2091243, 2104593, 73034108, 73036226, 73037908, 73121189, 73125035, 150639,          883265C1, 883266C1, 924063C1, 925745C2, 926358C1, 927373C1, X1404-40, 728094M91, 1496410M91, 9003019, 9003020, 9005281, 9005282, 9037286, 9037287, 9037288, 9037289, 9063314, 9068315, 9067993, 9249723, 9259539, 9267590, 9379748, E694627, E694801, E694802, P504046, P704029, 1304672L1, 1304673L1,  1304674L1, 1304816L1, 1305209L1, 1305235L1, 1305266L1, 1601184, 1601327, KC28451, KC36531, PB35611,  PB35621, 52872000, 52912000, 76030605, 76031044      

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