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230TR3 Triple Tiger Teeth

H&L Tooth Company History since 1931:
230TR3 “Cost wise & performance wise it’s the best tooth I’ve ever put on”!
230TR3 Is a self-sharpening design! Centerline design allows REVERSIBLE FIT! Maximum resistance to wear and impact… Lasts longer than competition… Maximum penetration in tough abrasive materials, designed in Tulsa Oklahoma for enhance tooth DURABILITY and long LASTING SHARPNESS!
Replacement for all D51750, T54317, 532948R1, 73109924, 251473, 708 966M1, HL230REG, 15006896, 102161109, 44689A1, 442677A1, 135-8232, 562659, T230SP, 8330, 230HXL, 1623304
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