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2BPN vs 2BPN-FFC Informational

FYI…For Your Information:     Be aware that two-(2) pins sizes exist for the 2AH Tooth system.  H&L and most suppliers for the “2B” series adapter use a .25” diameter X 1.50” Spiral Pin for the tooth-to-adapter connection.  However, FFC style 2B adapters uses a larger .31” diameter X 1.50” Spiral pin.  H&L Tooth Company offers both.

H&L 2AH teeth will fit both hole sized “2B” adapters as well as the original “2A” Crimp-on adapter.  When ordering 2AH teeth for pin connection, H&L Customer Service will supply 2BPN pins, unless requested to supply the larger 2BPN-FFC pins.

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