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20-31-32-33 Series Teeth & Adapters

3000 Series Weld-on Adapters

H&L Tooth Company History since 1931:
In the early 1960 H&L Tooth launched a new weld-on style Bottom Strap “1CW” style adapter line for field installation and Dealer markets. These adapters used fourteen different side and vertical Flexpin sized tooth-to-adapter connections.
H&L’s Flexpin system are still being offered after nearly seventy years. The chart listing on this page reflects adapter products that remains in-stock or currently being offered for older and newer buckets.
ALL H&L fabricated adapters and forged teeth are made in the USA!
Part numbers 3000-W-18, 3000-W-20, D-834-23, 3000-W-24, 3000-W-25, 3000-W-27, 3000-W-195, 3000-W-205, 3000-W-31, 3000-W-315, 3000-W-32, 3000-W-325, 3000-W-33 AND 3000-W-335,
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