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H&L Tooth Company History since 1931:

The T-183-Series was first designed and introduced by H&L back in 1953. The 39 Tooth and Flexpin style was originally design in 1963. The T-183-39 adapter is one of twenty-eight different styles that H&L has produced. All T-183-Series adapters uses a wedge key attachment pin, H&L part number K-974.

Over the last 66 years the T-183-Series adapter has been standard on:   Bucyrus-Erie, models 84B, 88B, 110B, 120B, 150B and 210B.   Marion Machines, models111M and 112M.   P&H Company, models 1400, 1500, 1600 and 1700.   Amsco Part Numbers, 26349, 263429, 267702, 267859, S-16-5 and S-16-8.   Bucyrus-Erie part numbers, 704825K1, 716441K1 and 850023K1.   Esco part numbers, 208-55 and T-1908-ACR-7.   Hensley part number, 208X600.

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