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Bucyrus-Erie Products

Bucyrus-Erie Obsoleted Cross Reference Numbers

Cross Reference Bucyrus-Erie Obsoleted Numbers to H&L Numbers:
230536, 82580180, 505995-K1, 700148-K1, 700149-K1, 700150-K1, 700165-K1, 700508-K1, 700509-K1, 700510-K1, 700513-K1, 700514-K1, 700515-K1, 700519-K1, 700520-K1, 700521-K1, 700522-K1, 700523-K1, 700524-K1, 700527-K1, 700528-K1, 700529-K1, 700546-K1, 700550-K1, 700555-K1, 700586-K1, 700599-K2, 701587-K1, 701588-K1, 701589-K1, 702637-K1, 703153-K1, 703154-K1, 703301-K1, 704007-K1, 704008-K1, 704009-K1, 721025-K1, 802782-K1, 806936-K1, 850590-K1.
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