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230 Series Teeth

Forged 230-Series Bucket Teeth!

Isn’t it about time you changed your tooth brand?

H&L Tooth Company forge facility in Tulsa Oklahoma, a 200,000 sq. foot manufacturing home for QUALITY FORGED WEAR PARTS.   H&L’s Uniforge® process is the reshaping, resizing and the continued reduction of grain flow of steel alloy metals under extreme pressures.   Horizontal up-setters’ uniquely produces any desired configuration for many styles of 230-series Teeth for all your ground engaging applications!

At H&L’s facility in Tulsa Oklahoma, forging of tooth tips are done horizontally on machines known as Up-setters.  Under the roof in Tulsa are two-4” up-setter lines that produce small backhoe teeth weighing under 3 pounds and up to 10 pounds; parts are shaped in 30-second cycles.  Each Uniforge® production line is also equipped with up to six additional supporting units, including electric induction heaters, vertical secondary presses for part trimming, hole punching and coining operations.

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