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Hi-Pro 1972 for H&L Parts

Hi-Production Forge Company History since 1966:
The Hi-Pro manufacturing facility in Montebello, California was closed in 1988. The Hi-Pro forge facilities was relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma and became the H&L Forge Company, a Division of H&L Tooth. This HP-1120 catalog was distributed in 1972. Pages from the old Hi-Pro catalog are for reference only.
HP-35, HP-16R55, HP-2070, HP-15T50, HP-1650, HP-8550, HP-1851, HP-16SC50, HPRH-2534-230, HPG-1023-230, HP-230PN, HPRH-1857E-240, HPG-839A-240, HP-240PN, HPRH-1857L-250, HPG-839F-250, HP-250PN, HP-5-940, HP-9F-5116, HP-5B-946, HP-5-205, HP-210PN, HP-210, HP-175, HP-1L, HP-10WO, HP-10, HP101WO, HP-100WO, HP-100, HP-20WO, HP-21WO, HP-22WO, HP-20A, HP-30WO, HP-30CR, HP-30CLR, HP-30C, HP-30PP, HP-30CW, HP-230PN, HP-230WO, HP-2300, HP-230, HP-2300C, HP-230LR, HP-230PP, HP-230W, HP-2S-3½, HP-2S-4½, HP-2, HP-7A, HP-7B, HP-7C, HP-4S 3, HP-4S-4, HPW-4S-4, HP-4, HP-9A, HP-9B, HP-9C, HP-9D, HP-9E, HP-1, HP-10A, HP-231WO, HP-232WO, HP-240WO, HP-241WO, HP-242WO, HP-250WO, HP-251WO, HP-252WO, HP-270WO, HP-271WO, HP-272WO, HP-270PN, HP-240, HP-240PP, HP-2510, HP-250PP, HP-2500C, HP-2510W, HP-2710, HP-2700,
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