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Cross Reference

International-Harvester OBSOLETED Cross Reference

Cross Reference INTERNATIONAL-HARVESTER HOUGH Obsoleted Part Numbers to H&L Numbers:
51011, 4080925R91, 4081663R91, 4081664R1, 463172Z82, 469441R91, 469678R91, 471547R1, 472035R91, 488995R91, 488996R1, 490091R91, 492404R91, 492404R92, 528483R1, 533490R91, 533490R91, 540086R91, 657101C1, 668982R1, 668985C1, 702164C1, 710183C1, 712998C1, 730082C92, 730085C1, 730088C1, 921184C91LH, 921185C91RH, 921187C91LH, 921188C91RH, 941788C1, 941791C1 LH, 941792C1 RH, 941793C1, 941794C1, 941795C1, X-24055, X-24055 LH, X-24057, X-42015, X-42016, X-42017
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