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0-00-2A-3C-21-23-24 Series Teeth & Adapters

0-00-2A-3C Series Adapter LISTING

Crimp-on tooth connections are used primarily on small trenchers, scarifier and light duty digging applications for Backhoe-Loaders, Mini-Excavators and Trenching equipment.   The “0”, “00”, 2AH, 3CH series teeth were originally patented by H&L Tooth over eighty-five years ago, and are still manufactured in the United States of America. 

H&L part numbers:  D-836-0, D-838-0, D-842-00, D-872-00, 2898W-00, D-835-2A, D-835-2B, 2BPN, D-835Y-2A, D-835Y-2B, D-862-2A, D-862-2B, D-1049A-2A, D-1049A-2B, L-2520W-2A, L-2520W-2B, L-2520BW-2A, L-2520BW-2B, D-834-3C, D-925-3C, 2740JW-3C, D836-0, D838-0, D842-00, D872-00, 2898W-00, D835-2A, D835-2B, D835Y-2A, D835Y-2B, D862-2A, D862-2B, D1049A-2A, D1049A-2B, L2520W-2A, L2520W-2B, L2520BW-2A, L-2520BW-2B, D834-3C, D925-3C, 2740JW-3C

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